Hi! Here at 3BUGS we want as many people to get involved in the BUFF as possible, if you’re just a couple of friends who’ve had a really good idea for a piece of theatre, or a large, well-established company, we’re here to provide you a platform to showcase your recent work! Obviously this may raise a lot of questions, for example can dance companies apply (yes, absolutely by the way) or if a piece you’ve already made can be submitted (also a yes!) or if you have a query about literally ANYTHING else, big or small, don’t hesitate to get in contact!
If you don’t have any questions but just want to talk to us about theatre, that’s also cool, we love talking about theatre too, we want to create a community for theatre makers and the best way to do so is connect!


So send us your own contact info and we’ll add you to our newsletter, getting in contact with us will also make it even easier to get to know you all, and you us! If what you’ve seen already is enough to make you want to take part, check out the APPLY page!

Outside of our BUFF website, 3BUGS also has a FACEBOOK page, an INSTAGRAM page and a TWITTER page. If you’d also like to become a 3BUGS member just visit the University of Birmingham Guild website and join up!


We can’t wait to meet you all and see what you’ve all been working on!

Thanks for submitting!